3D Scanning Information

We offer dental Cone Beam CT 3D scanning using state-of-the art technology at excellent and competitive prices. Referring your patients to us means your patients don't need to queue at a hospital for their scan.

Scan data may be viewed using a number of different systems, we use 360v connect who will email the scan directly to you or we can burn to CD and give directly to the patient on the day.

We provide an excellent appointment system to suit the patient in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
The table below explains the various scans available and their price.


Scan Type Field of View Description Price
Small Field Scan 50x38mm Ideal for small implant cases and endodontics £120
Medium Field Scan 100x38mm Limited field of view for implants, impactions, supernumeraries, pathology £180
Single Arch 206x180mm Full field of view for implants, impactions, orthodontic studies, pathology and sinus £250
Dual Arch Two 206x180mm Full field view for implants, impactions, orthodontic studies, pathology and sinus £350
All Cone Beam CT Scans   Radiologist report £90
High Definition OPG   High definition standard OPG, ideal for all dental purposes £40

Patient Information

How does the Scan help my Dentist?

It allows them to:

  • Visualise internal anatomy that cannot be diagnosed externally
  • Plan more effective treatment and surgery
  • Assess any risk prior to surgery
  • Analyse the orientation and position of critical structures like nerves, teeth and roots.
  • Help to ensure a faster, safer, dental procedure.

Why has my dentist referred me for a 3D scan?
Based on your dentist's assessment of your mouth and teeth it is the best option for deciding appropriate treatment for you.

How should I prepare for the scan?
No special preparation is required; prior to the scan you will be asked to remove anything that might interfere with the imaging such as removable dentures, earrings, necklaces, piercing, hairpins and glasses.

What happens during the scan?
Modwena Orthodontics works alongside 360 Visualise and has specialist equipment to capture 3D dental images. Your scan is quickly acquired as you stand still while our 3D scanner rotates around your head. The whole procedure is over in minutes and you won't feel a thing. We are a Specialist Orthodontic Practice and we are very proud of our state of the art equipment.
What happens after the scan?
Depending on your dentists preference your images will either be burnt onto a CD and given to you to take with you to your next appointment or they will be processed by 360Visualise and sent electronically to your dentist.
How do I find out the results of the scan?
Your dentist will discuss the results of the scan with you at your next appointment.

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